About Us

About Us

MAHI HERBAL AND NATURAL is one of the best upcoming herbal healthcare manufacturers from  CHETTINADU , Tamil Nadu, India.

It all started casually when MAHI, a certified MICROBIOLOGIST, started making herbal product for her daughter SHREE when she relocated from SINGAPORE to her home town in Chettinadu, Tamil Nadu, India. During COVID 19, she began by distributing her homemade products to family and friends.  Witnessing the positive and satisfying results, they encouraged Mahi to start her own business and  expand her products in the region. Their encouragement motivated Mahi to manufacture herbal products in large quantities and market MAHI HERBAL AND NATURAL products in India and internationally.

MAHI HERBAL AND NATURAL specialize in manufacturing herbal hair, scalp and skincare products. The products solve skincare problems with zero side effects. Our products are made with 100% raw and freshly handpicked ingredients that are sourced locally. They are environmentally safe with no added chemicals.

MAHI HERBAL AND NATURAL ingredients are grown in nature & wild and picked when ripe at the perfect season with utmost care for maximum potential and effectiveness. Our products help in balancing human hormones and detoxifying the body.

MAHI HERBAL AND NATURAL main goal is to provide holistic health service in helping people the natural way, utilizing all ancient herbal remedies. Every product is a work of art made with utmost care and respect.

MAHI HERBAL AND NATURAL aim is to add the herbal products famous for chettinadu on top of already
known worldwide food, culture & architecture. 


Mahi Herbal
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